Behind The High Priestess: Spiritual Transformation

My name is Jade and I’ve been on an exhilarating spiritual journey since my ‘Saturn Return’ a few years ago. I now spend my time juggling between a full time career, practicing Reiki, reading astrology, making candles, and spending time with loved ones. My spiritual transformation helped me discover my passion for creating homemade candles and other spiritual gifts that I hope will provide healing for you. Each one is made with love and the essential blends that resonate with it.

THP Tarot cardArt by acheronnights @ DeviantArt

My first deck of tarot cards was the ‘Rider Waite’ deck. The High Priestess, a Major Arcana card, represents trusting self and intuition. Ruled by the moon, the High Priestess is a sign of having the opportunity to self-reflect and look for knowledge within. She has shown herself to me as one of my spirit guides and I consider her to be a trusted source whenever I need clarity.