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Full Moon in Libra: No Going Back…

We’ve had five full moons at zero degrees, with three consecutively this year. This will be the second Libra full moon in a row. The difference? It will be the first one in 2019 at 29 degrees. The zero degree point marks The Fool’s journey; a new beginning; where the novice is learning and experiencing this new chapter. The 29 degree (or critical) point is more the ‘final exam’. At this point, the person has consumed a lot of information through their experiences, observations and lessons and must now come to a decision on what to do based on this knowledge. The 29 degree point, also referenced as the Anaretic degree, can lead to impulsiveness due to being indecisive. If someone is too overwhelmed by the decision making process, they may default to the comfortable/ habitual option.

In case of the upcoming Libra full moon on April 19, we will also have the Sun in Aries at 29 degrees oppose the full moon in Libra, also at 29 degrees, leading to further indecisiveness about what we want, what we need, who we are and how our relationships make us feel. All of this is about being honest with ourselves (and if we aren’t, the universe will force it out of us). What and who is it that truly makes you happy? Find your tribe, find your calling. And if the only thing in between that is what other people think, then it will be the one thing that continues to prevent you from fully experiencing an authentic, happy and liberating life.

The theme of this Libra Aries opposition is to help us understand the importance of balancing our needs, with the needs of others. Relationships continue to be thematic through this year, but most importantly the relationship you have with your self.



Jupiter Retrograde: Journey Within

On Wednesday, April 10, Jupiter will turn retrograde through August 11 in his home sign of Sagittarius where he has been transiting since last November. I know many people who will be traveling this month, which is an opportune time, since Sagittarius itself represents travel, higher knowledge and expanding the mind.

While Jupiter is in retrograde over these next four months, it will be most useful to take the time to reflect on the experiences that come up. Pay attention to what resonates and what doesn’t. This is the time to map out your path to destiny and lay out the steps needed to evolve to your highest purpose. While most retrogrades can be daunting, this one can feel more rewarding, if we put in the necessary effort.

This year has been all about personal development; our relationship with our self versus our relationships with others. And this Jupiter retrograde is going to help us reflect on what makes us most happy as we crystallize in the cocoon ready to transform towards our greater path come August.


Creating Your Destiny


Yesterday (4/4) and today (4/5) mark the new moon in fiery Aries. This is the first sign of the zodiac, representing a new chapter. And when you factor in a new moon, you get double the power for bringing in ‘new’ opportunities into your life.

It is a powerfully charged time to use the Aries energy to tap into your creativity. Set your intentions today on the things you’ve been wanting to create, the things that ignite your soul on fire. Now is the time to harness this power and manifest those visions coming true. What lights your passion?


New Beginnings…

april 1 post.PNG

Happy April! We have a fresh start at life and so many synchronicities reminding us of these new beginnings. With the Spring Equinox just passing, the start of Aries season, Mercury just turning direct, and a new moon in the days ahead, this is a rare opportunity to wipe our slates clean and start creating new stories and experiences that will fill our hearts.

April is an interesting month…Mars now in Gemini is ready to take off in so many different directions. Our minds can feel scatterbrained and a bit schizophrenic with tasks and to-dos. We also have more fire energy this month that will help ignite the things that have delayed us during Mercury’s retrograde in the Piscean shores. The Sun, Chiron and Mercury will all be in Aries this month. The Sun in Aries gives us vitality and the urge to be our authentic selves (Aries motto: I AM). However, interestingly enough, Chiron, the wounded healer, will expose some wounds related to our identity that will rise to the surface and heal the parts of ourselves that have needed healing for so long. Mercury can be a bit impulsive when it comes to communication (speak now, think later) – so be careful!

This month is about manifesting your authentic (dream) life. I say that because generally the life that we dream is the life that we’re meant to seek. Having aspirations of what we like, get us closer to finding our calling. Start up that vision board early in the month, because we will be experiencing three retrogrades by the end of April.

Jupiter will begin its retrograde in Sagittarius on April 10 for the next four months. While he is the planet of luck, he is also the planet of ‘expansion’. With Jupiter in its home sign of Sagittarius, this retrograde can bring lessons around your personal development, higher education and travel experiences. For strong Sagittarius chart-holders (i.e. sun, moon, rising, or major planetary aspects), watch out for excessive and communication and delivery. Jupiter can ‘overdo it’ so you can either be extra chatty, or a little too direct. Pluto will go retrograde in Capricorn on April 24 (until October) and Saturn will also go retrograde in the same sign on April 30 (until September). With Pluto and Saturn in retrograde, there will be lots revealed when it comes to power, authority and control issues.


Full Moon in Libra: Let Go.

full moon

Venus dances her way through this March lunar cycle. Opening the month with a Venusian feminine new moon in the sign of Taurus, and just about to wrap up her time with this upcoming masculine full moon in Libra, also ruled by Venus. She is releasing all that no longer serves her for the month ahead.

We are beginning a complete reset. And this full moon in Libra on March 20 comes right in perfect time, just before the Spring Equinox in Aries on March 21. Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, and the Libra full moon at 0 degrees, give us a completely fresh start at life and liberation. This is about being free to be your authentic self. It’s about exploration and new beginnings. Living life like The Fool (in Tarot) and seeing what’s on the horizon, but more importantly enjoying the present part of your journey.

We’ve all experienced so much change within the new year, we are making quantum leaps and bounds in progress just staying dedicated to our true selves and our paths. The things shifting in your life, and in planetary control, are creating space for new stories, experiences and upgrades when it comes to your outlook on the world, fated love/attraction, or a destined calling. Everything that is folding will unfold a perfect plan for what’s next.


Energy Shifts

energy shifts.PNG

Things are feeling intense, especially if you’re one of the lucky ones sensitive to energy.  We’re experiencing a huge energetic shift that occurred as Mercury stationed retrograde last week and Uranus just entered the beginning degrees of Taurus.

What does this mean? You are entering a new seven year phase (Uranus in Taurus) and things can seem very confusing at this time (Mercury in Pisces retrograde). Sometimes when we feel lost we search for validation in the things we want to hold on to. Things that have felt ‘safe’ and ‘comfortable’ are now evolving. We are due for an energetic upgrade, whether we like it or not. And certainly we have free will to make those decisions based on ‘how ready’ we feel we are to let go. Whether it’s a job, relationship, finances, a home environment, the time will come when we will need to surrender.

This is probably the hardest, most painful part of the ascension process. To be able to surrender to something we can’t see. To surrender something that means so much to us, and not know what will come in its place, or how it will all work out. This is where our faith is being tested. Everything is working out as it’s meant to; you are exactly where you need to be…even if it’s on a tightrope in the midst of a thick fog.

I can only give the best advice from where I am on my evolutionary process, and that’s to do the best you can. You are human. Be kind yourself. Lead from love, and light.


Riding the Waves of the Mercury Retrograde in Pisces

mercury retrograde pisces

It’s that time of year again, when everyone freaks out about the Mercury retrograde. Delays, communication problems, electronics going haywire and things just not going to plan, are some of the common traits of this retrograde transit.

However, Mercury in general is not the most comfortable in Pisces. Pisces, the 12th sign of the zodiac, and a water ruled sign, can be wishy-washy, dazed and confused and not really knowing what it wants. Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo, two of the most mentally agile signs. As he transits, he likes to absorb the information he’s receiving and use that clarity for decision making. With this transit through Pisces, things can seem foggy, decision making can be unclear, and just like the Two of Swords (in tarot), we must rely on our inner guidance and intuition to help navigate the stormy seas.

Use these next few weeks to meditate, go within and take that alone time to reflect and tap into your inner creativity. This is a great time to journal, dream record, paint, draw, play an instrument. Get that right brain activated!

The week of March 11 will be the most intense of the entire retrograde transit. This is where we’ll really need to rely on our intuition to help navigate us through the week. Listen, observe and then speak. Brace yourselves, on this Bird Box journey continuing through the tail end of March 28th (plus two weeks for the shadow period before Mercury goes direct).

Some survival tips for riding these waves:

  • spend free time by the water and in nature. Unplug, it feels good.
  • meditate (silent, guided or music), even if it’s for five minutes. Turn the brain off and quiet that monkey mind, you’re in control.
  • create. Whether that’s through cooking, painting, playing, writing, just create. Your best ideas will come through these channels when you’re not stressing or worrying.
  • condition your body to feel good, whether through breath work or exercise. Allow yourself the time and space to honor your body. Yoga is a great practice to really get in tune with your body, mind and spirit.
  • listen to your emotions. The best way to work with this intense and confusing energy is to feel your way through. The things that resonate and feel right, do more of that.



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