Behind Jade Moon & The High Priestess

About Me

Born highly sensitive, I was told throughout life that I needed to develop thicker skin, that I was ‘too emotional’, ‘too sensitive’. I didn’t realize until my late twenties, during my ‘Saturn Return’, that I was in fact a HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), also known as an empath. Astrology was the key to unlocking so much of the walled up parts of myself, it literally transformed me spiritually, emotionally and physically, so much so that it inspired me to step forth on this spiritual journey to help inspire others. To make you feel more in control of your life and better equipped to navigate the ever-changing world.

With my natal moon in Cancer, I resonate closely to the phases of the lunar cycle and have chosen the name Jade Moon. Through my lens on life, I am on a mission to share my experiences with those needing inspiration and support. I host periodic classes in Austin covering the astrological transits, and also share perspectives about the transformative global ascension process currently taking place on Earth.

thp tarot

From the Rider Waite tarot deck

In tarot, The High Priestess represents the ability to trust yourself and to listen to your inner guidance (higher self). Synchronistically, as I dabbled with tarot cards, I began the process of learning to trust my intuition. This card would show up time and time again for every major decision I needed to make – especially during my dark knight of the soul. When I decided to pursue my spiritual business I couldn’t for the life of me come up with a name. Analysis paralysis (guilty, I’m a Virgo!) had me consulting the cards yet again for advice. And lo’ and behold, she showed up as my guiding light. I dedicate my entrepreneurial path to The High Priestess, an important archetype in my life.

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