Ancient civilizations have practiced reading the sky for thousands of years. Planetary events influence our environment as they move in a cyclical pattern. Learn how to work with these transits so you can live life more prepared and with clarity.


Reiki is an ancient practice that helps to aid the body (emotionally, physically and spiritually) through energetic healing. The source of all matter in this physical world is made up entirely of energy. Learn how Reiki can benefit you and your needs.


From learning how to master your mind and overcome self-limiting beliefs, to understanding what happens during a spiritual awakening, my coaching style is to help you transform into your true, authentic self.

I created this channel to help people awaken to themselves and understand different ways to live a happy, healthy and abundant life. To help people like you (and me) find meaning in our lives. From astrology forecasts, to energy updates on the global awakening process, to collaborating with knowledgeable people in the community (who practice what they preach), my intention is for you to feel empowered, whole, and educated from the information shared.⁠

My journey in this life has most definitely been a spiritual one. I see life in patterns and synchronicity, striving to evolve continuously. The High Priestess was founded based on the Tarot card, which represents the ability to trust yourself and inner guidance.

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